Conservatory Blinds & Shading Systems


A conservatory is a great idea. You bridge the space between a house and a garden with an extra room.

The age old problem of conservatories, however, often means that they are too hot or too cold and only really usable for a few hours a day at the right time of year. With new conservatory blinds your conservatory can be freed up for any use and you can give this room a new lease of life. 

To avoid the hothouse effect you can cut down the amount of sun coming in, control the light with beautiful made to measure blinds. All conservatory blinds can be operated manually or by remote control.

SBI don't just stop at internal blinds and would ask you to consider external shading systems for your conservatory. If you can stop the heat entering your conservatory in the first place you will have a comfortable space to use. External awnings and screens dissipate the heat before it gets in the conservatory and therefore keeps you cooler. Whilst external conservatory awnings tend to be more expensive than internal blinds, SBI would recommend them for the comfort and value for money they provide in the long time. If your budget does not stretch to external shading the next best solution to conservatory shading and heat control would be in SBI's opinion solar reflective window films. Window films help to reduce glare, heat and fading of furnishings whilst retaining the aesthetic appeal of  a glass room without the clutter of blinds.

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As conservatories get very hot in the spring and summer months, windows and roof vents are left open. This provides an additional problem with insects entering the conservatory and home. SBI offer conservatory insect and solar screens that can help to reduce both insects and heat gain, for more information look at Phantom Screens. As an independent supplier of solar control products don't make the mistake of contacting a blind company that only offers internal blinds. We have found that over the last 15 years that many customers have been ill advised about reducing heat and glare due to the limitations of the blind company that they have been dealing with. If the company can't offer you external awnings, solar reflective glass films, sail shades and internal blinds. SBI would suggest that will not get the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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