Window Films - Conservatory Solar Control Film


SBI supply and install all types of window films but by far the most popular film is for solar control in conservatories and glass rooms.

The film will reduce glare, reduce heat and help to prevent furnishings from fading.

The two main colours of conservatory films are silver or bronze.

There are many reasons why glass is becoming more and more popular in buildings. Offices, schools, home and even industrial premises benefit from the flow of natural light around a building. This also helps with modern lines and designs of buildings from the outside and looks fantastic.

A problem with the increased amount of glass is the "hothouse effect" that can make buildings start overheating in summer months. Blinds, drapes and curtains are one possible solution, but there is still a pocket of heat between the window and the material, this prevents heat from escaping therefore the building will still overheat. This method also reduces a lot of the natural light that comes through windows. The solution to these problems is window film.

There are alternatives to help keep temperatures down in conservatories and buildings to traditional blinds and curtains. Window are made up of a thin layer of metal and modern plastics that adheres to your windows and roofs, prevents too much heat coming in and keeps temperatures down to comfortable levels.

Window films are used for providing privacy from prying eyes, you can choose from frosted or mirrored films.

SBI have been specifying window films for many years to help business with heat, glare and privacy.

If you want Window Films in your local area then speak to a member of our team. We can quote you prices for having solar films fitted, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that SBI has installed film in conservatories, homes, businesses and schools across the country. For a fast and friendly service give them us a call on 0800 0742721 and arrange a for a free estimate.

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