SOLAR Powered Shutters

SOLAR Powered Shutters are 100% SOLAR and 100% independent! 

No need for power supply connection, drilling through walls, laying cables in rooms. Simply mount the shutters using 4-6 screws, operate the control and the shutters start running. No costs for the electric installation.

SOLAR Powered Roller Shutters play a big part in environment protection and energy saving in winter as well in summer.
The shutters are manufacture from aluminium and come with a choice of 12 standard colours for the slats and housing.

As standard you will receive a remote control hand sender to operate your shutter and in addition you can add a timer. 

With a radio controlled time delay switch you can simulate that the building is occupied with the opening and closing of the shutters through out the day. One time delay switch can operate up to 30 shutters in 4 groups, according to your personal preferences.
Sun controller combined with the timer will enable your shutter to open and close fully or partially. Depending on the LUX levels the shutter will close to reduce temperatures rising in the room and increasing your level of comfort.
7 year warranty!

We are offering a 7 year warranty on all parts, travel and installation costs not included.
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